Bear - Blue Calcite 84.6mm

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Bear - Blue Calcite 84.6mm

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Blue Calcite is a calming stone that fosters inner vision, clairvoyance, and telepathic abilities. It encourages you to concentrate on positive thoughts and improves the effectiveness of your affirmations.

This gemstone aids in connecting with your creative muse and facilitates the articulation of imaginative ideas.

Blue Calcite also helps you combat feelings of helplessness, motivating you to take greater responsibility in shaping your reality.

Overall, it eases emotional distress, enabling you to let go of stress and adopt a more optimistic and empowered mindset.

Claim this smooth Blue Calcite bear for yourself before someone else gets to it first!

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Color: Blue/White
  • Size: 84.6 x 57 x 24 mm (3.33 x 2.24 x .95 in)
  • Weight: 160g
  • Any visible imperfections and/or cracks are due to natural formation.
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