Bear - Indigo Gabro [Mystic Merlinite] 83.8mm

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Bear - Indigo Gabro [Mystic Merlinite] 83.8mm

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Indigo Gabro, sometimes referred to as Mystic Merlinite, enables you to tap into your magical abilities and spiritual talents.

This stone aids in recovering missing soul components and accepting all aspects of yourself, even those that may be challenging or uncomfortable.

Indigo Gabro (Mystic Merlinite) encourages the exploration of your deepest thoughts, unveiling hidden potential. By using this crystal, you may discover your true capabilities.

Additionally, it promotes releasing self-judgment and fosters self-acceptance and self-love.

Claim this Indigo Gabro bear for yourself before someone else gets to it first!

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Size: 83.8 x 60.2 x 21 mm (3.3 x 2.37 x .82 in)
  • Weight: 171g
  • Any visible imperfections and/or cracks are due to natural formation.
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