Game - Zodiac Clash

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Game - Zodiac Clash

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Product Description

Zodiac Clash is a strategic 3D board game for 2 or 4 players, aged 8 and up. Master the zodiac with Zodiac Clash!
  • THE BOARD GAME OF ZODIAC POWER: Choose a zodiac sign to control and move your marker around 3D the game board. Each sign has an Astral Power to use as your advantage in the game. Align 4 of your Night Stars before your opponent and win!
  • 3D SOLAR SYSTEM GAME BOARD: As players move their zodiac markers around the tiered 3D game board, they can attempt to align their Night Stars by rotating the three rings in different directions!
  • ENDLESS GAME PLAY: With 12 zodiac markers, try out each sign’s different powers each time you play! Experiment with different matchups shown in the instructions – with 2 players, compete as compatible or incompatible signs; with 4 players, mix it up!


  • 12 Zodiac Movers
  • 12 Zodiac Cards
  • 20 Night Stars
  • Center Post
  • 2 Sun Halves
  • 18 Disc Clips
  • Solar System Board
  • Instruction Sheet
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