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Celestite is a mineral that is formed from the mineral strontium sulfate. Celestite crystals are usually blue, but they can also be white or colorless. Celestite is found in many places around the world, like Brazil, China, and Madagascar. Its hardness is only 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale and its crystal structure is orthorhombic. Its most common variety is gray-blue from Madagascar and is usually found in clusters or geodes.

While some crystals in a Celestite cluster are partially transparent, they can also be opaque. Celestite crystals are usually under an inch long but have been found to grow as large as 8 inches! These Celestite crystals are also sometimes double terminated, and those are more rare. Tabular Celestite crystals from Ohio are incredibly popular and are usually single gray, whitish or blue-gray crystals.

The word ‘celestite’ comes from the Latin word ‘caelum’ which means sky or heaven. This was because people thought it was made of stars in the sky. Both tabular and prismatic crystals are formed in Celestite.

Celestite’s metaphysical properties include protection from evil, encouraging blissful peaceful states of mind, and attracting positive energies. Like other blue stones, Celestite is also thought to help with calming emotions, overcoming fear, and concentration.

Blue stones like Celestite are thought to heal and protect, bringing calmness and tranquility. They have been used in the past to calm inflammation of the brain, clear mental confusion, and heal nervous exhaustion. It can help you feel protected, safe, and uplifted. Celestite also brings the ability to overcome fear and paranoia. Its ability to help you overcome suspicion makes it a great choice to learn how to trust again, especially if you’ve encountered trauma.

Celestite can also help you access higher dimensions and teaches the values of trust and patience. A Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone, gray-blue Celestite enhances intuitive ability.

In fact, it’s one of the best stones to use in meditative practice to access the angelic realm as it helps you communicate more directly with your guardian angels or guides. It’s a gentle stone that eases you into this communication, so it’s ideal to place a cluster of Celestite in a meditation space or healing room. Just keep it out of the sunlight as the gray-blue color will fade to a dull white if exposed to UV rays.

Wear Celestite pieces of jewelry when you want to work on connecting to your guides through meditation, divination, and other mystical practices. Wear Celestite when you want to increase psychic abilities. Just don’t expose Celestite jewelry to the sun for too long unless you desire it to become more white in color. A pendant of Celestite is best worn under your shirt next to your Heart Chakra, another Chakra Celestite is good for balancing. Wear it in secret and allow it to work its magic on you as you connect to your higher self, higher planes of existence, and your spirit guides, and become an even better version of you to share with the world!

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