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Magickal Bear® began in a hot tub in January 2021. Founders Tony and Kristen Laidig were relaxing, minding their own business enjoying the hot, steamy bubbles when a lightning-bolt of an idea illuminated their space and BOOM! Magickal Bear was born. (Thank goodness it wasn't real lightning... and for anyone wondering, this is why we don't take vacations.)

As the vision for Magickal Bear has since then shifted and grown, more clarity has been revealed to us from the "Powers that Be" as to Magickal Bear's mission, purpose, and impact. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this ancient yet impeccably relevant story...



By learning to "see" and "hear" differently apart from the noise of life's distractions and inner self-doubt, we can once again embrace divine, universal secrets and truths hidden in plain sight in the natural world around us... in ancient wisdom, practices, and spiritual disciplines... and most importantly, within ourselves.

Ancient wisdom contains the secrets gleaned from synergistic cooperative learning between species, including animals, plants, and minerals. This path is currently out of balance and as a result, 99% of the secrets once known are now hidden or lost... so as not to be exploited by those who would mean to use them to harm others. What we embrace today is little more than the result of whispers shared over millennia.

Consider this... Every atom is its own self-contained universe that has its own unique consciousness as a living expression. These atoms make up your body, the Earth, the Solar System, and our Universe! They're the massively uncountable "building blocks" of all that is, and each one is a conscious collective on its own. As they band together, they create larger containers of consciousness. Atoms are the ultimate conduits for light. They are illuminated building blocks for all that is, yet they are only one form of building block... one form of foundational consciousness. This is a small portion of what's been lost to humanity.

By not acknowledging what was lost we don't feel the need to take responsibility for our actions, and as a result, many live in a constant state of blame. Meanwhile, the secrets of the universe are still embraced and shared sometimes quite literally behind our backs by the rest of Nature and a few "in the know." Sadly, most of humanity has become blind and deaf to them. It's time for us to stop, look, listen, comprehend, and become the light. It's time for humanity to shine!


Our products serve as empowering reminders of the messages available to you. They are a connection to Spirit and help you connect to the higher purpose for your existence. They're a reminder to yourself and others that you matter and that someone has your back when you feel like you can't see the path.

We at Magickal Bear honor the importance and sacredness of what we offer. We respect the energy contained in our product offerings so that they can bring joy and healing to you, our special customer. If you feel called toward a specific product, there's a reason why! Each piece belongs to someone special, so as we list them on this site and bring them to our shows, we bless and release them to discover where they fit. As we bless the products, we also bless you, the recipient. Doing so honors the light contained within.

Magickal Bear is your light; your Wayfinder. We stand in a place of grace and peace for you as we help you Light Your Path™. Through our carefully designed and sourced products, we share our passions, insights, and excitement with you. Take yourself on a mission of discovery as you find that special jewelry piece, bundle, or kit to empower your own journey!