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Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall?

Ever wish you had the chance to see past the “show” people put on for each other to be a fly on the wall for how life REALLY is for them? Yeah, us too!

While many of us genuinely want to be true to ourselves and kind toward others, the reality is that life is often much different. Why? It’s simple really...we’re afraid of what others might think!

You have likely also noticed that it’s impossible to NOT offend SOMEONE these days...even for crazy stupid stuff you never even heard of just a few years ago. It’s almost like we live in a giant charade and everyone is afraid that SOMEONE might see through the BS, peek behind the curtain and see us for who we really are and what we truly believe.

But would that be so bad?

You and I have had experiences that, if revealed publicly, might change everything for us, and not necessarily for the better, or so we believe.

You and I hold beliefs that, if discovered by others, may lead to lost friendships and social scorn, or so we believe.

You and I have passions and interests that, if shared with friends or our “FB Family” could result in public humiliation or ridicule, or so we believe.

If all that were true, we could stand to lose a LOT by being and celebrating who we REALLY are, couldn't we?

But what if we were wrong?

What if you discovered OTHERS with YOUR experiences, YOUR beliefs and YOUR passions?

What if you discovered that it was not only OKAY to share your "inner nerd" but to celebrate it?

Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Well THAT is exactly what “Unscripted and Magical” is all about! Each week Kristen and I are going to explore and celebrate our personal journey and discoveries through unscripted (and unfiltered) stories, discoveries, insights and random thoughts. Our discussions could likely be controversial, we could offend you at times or you may even think we’ve gone mad, but ALL with the end goal in think and see differently than you currently do... even if only for a few moments!


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