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Chrysocolla is a blue-green form of silicate mineral that is often found in copper deposits in Chile, Russia, Zaire and parts of the United States. It is a hydrous copper silicate and relatively soft at a Mohs hardness index of 2 - 4. Its color can range from green or blue to blue-green and is often found intertwined in stones with Malachite, Azurite and Native Copper. For these reasons it can also be classified as a green stone. Chrysocolla’s assigned crystal system is amorphous. It can grow as botryoidal, fibrous or even as stalactites.

Chrysocolla has been used for centuries for its healing properties. It can be used to increase creativity, and can also help with mental clarity and emotional balance. In many cultures, it is regarded as a stone of protection against negativity in all forms. It is associated with the Throat, Heart and Root Chakras and is an excellent stone for facilitating clear communication.

As a blue stone, Chrysocolla is also a gentle and powerful goddess energy stone. It empowers the female energies within you–the nurturing, gentleness within both male and female. When used for communication it can help you hear your own inner wisdom and that of your guides. As you wear Chrysocolla near your Throat Chakra, you may find yourself speaking at a higher level than you initially think.

It is also a water energy stone, which further enhances its ability to aid in communication and the flow of energy. Working with Chrysocolla will help you speak your highest truth and communicate your own personal experiences and wisdom with others, thereby teaching them. It’s an excellent stone for speakers, those in communication fields of work and coaches. Speakers in the metaphysical community especially can benefit from wearing this stunningly beautiful blue stone.

Chrysocolla also works well with sound healing, which is another reason it is great for speakers and communicators as it enhances the frequencies of the spoken word. It can aid in teaching and speaking your reality and changes you want to see happen in your physical world. Since it is also connected to the Heart Chakra, it helps facilitate clear communication between you and others, especially where difficult topics or conversations are prevalent.

This blue stone also helps you recognize the value of your personal experiences and knowledge. Your life experiences, however disconnected from your current path, helped to make you the person you are today and Chrysocolla will help you feel more secure when you communicate your knowledge to the world. It is especially helpful in tense emotional conversations and situations as it helps keep sarcasm and criticism to a minimum by enabling you to focus on your inner path of truth. Since it is in the blue stone family, it also helps release fear, anxiety and nervousness and invoke feelings of calm and peace.

An absolutely breathtaking stone, Chrysocolla is a valuable tool to help maintain balance and stability. Chrysocolla is a stone of balance, being primarily used for calming emotions and fears. It is a stone that helps you take care of yourself, by helping to reach your own personal truth and understanding of your life experiences that have helped shape you into the person you are today.

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