Bear - Chestnut Jasper 82mm

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Bear - Chestnut Jasper 82mm

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Chestnut Jasper, a variety of Red Jasper combining the attributes of Red, Yellow, and Brown Jaspers, is acknowledged as a stone for boosting endurance.

As a tranquil and unassuming gem, it assists in broadening your mind while fostering a fair and generous attitude.

This crystal gently invigorates chi, or Life Force, leading to enhanced physical strength, energy, stamina, focus, and resolve.

Claim this incredible Chestnut Jasper bear for yourself before someone else gets to it first!

  • Origin: Madagascar
  • Color: Red
  • Size: 82 x 58.6 x 22 mm (3.23 x 2.3 x .86 in)
  • Weight: 155g
  • Any visible imperfections and/or cracks are due to natural formation.
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