Necklace - Wire-Wrapped with Copper: Agatized Dino Bone (Rare!) Large Oval

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Necklace - Wire-Wrapped with Copper: Agatized Dino Bone (Rare!) Large Oval

$ 122.00 You Save (100%)
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Dino Bone is a fascinating fusion of mineral and history. Its intricate patterns and captivating colors tell a tale that spans millions of years, allowing you to hold a piece of Earth's history in your hands.

Dino bone is believed to hold the wisdom of the ancient civilizations and people, allowing us to tap into its ancestral knowledge. The fossilized nature of Dino Bone reminds us that change is constant and time shapes all things. This stone's energy is believed to encourage patience, acceptance of change, and the understanding that transformation is an inherent part of our existence.

Agate is a low-intensity, stable and strengthening stone. This variety promotes inner stability, security and self-confidence. It's great to wear when doing math or other highly intellectual tasks.

This specific piece is high graded!!!

Wrapped by our exclusive artist, when properly cared for this 100% pure copper with patina pendant will stand the test of time and make you the envy of everyone that sees you wear it.

  • Includes an 18" copper-plated snake chain (electroplated brass in copper color)
  • Lead-free; nickel-safe
  • Pendant is 2.2”H (55.5mm) x .7”W (17.6mm)
  • Comes in our exclusive luxury gift box
  • Source: Utah or Colorado
  • Handmade by Moonsong by LaLańya
  • Stone hand cut by Steph's Stones
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • Any visible imperfections and/or cracks are due to natural formation
  • Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources!

About Moonsong by LaLańya

The night that Moonsong by LaLańya was born was a beautiful night with a big bright full moon. Creator LaLańya E Boothe was talking to the stars and her guides about how she really felt the pull to create but didn't know what path to take. One by one, several readings she’d had with her friend and Tarot reader, Rebecca, flashed through her mind, and she also saw herself wrapping crystals. While she’d already tried it and felt she wasn’t good at it, at her guide’s encouragement she decided to let the stones talk to her.

The next day LaLańya pulled out her old box of wire and stones and went to work letting the rocks and crystals be in control. "I was absolutely amazed by the outcome. It wasn't the mess of wire like it was in the past. It was beautiful! I'm excited to wrap the stones just to see what they are going to be. I have no ideas in my head going into it; the end result is always a surprise."

About Steph's Stones

Stephanie Kirk is the founder of Steph's Stones and nicknamed "The Variscite Queen." She's a lapidary and miner with a passion for rocks and travel.


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