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Pyrite is a mineral with a metallic luster. It is often found in gold mines and is an important iron sulfide mineral. It was first documented by Georgius Agricola, the father of Geology, in 1546. There are many types of pyrite, including marcasite, which has a white color, and the sulfide pyrrhotite, which has a reddish color. Pyrite has a Mohs hardness of 6 to 6.5 and its crystal structures can be cubic, pyritohedral or even octahedral. Most desired forms of Pyrite seem to be cubic.

The Greek word for fire or torch, πύριτος (pyrítos), gives Pyrite its name because if you strike two pieces of Pyrite together it can spark. Due to its golden color, Pyrite found in the western United States was called, “Fool’s Gold.” Pyrite is used in jewelry and ornamental objects, as well as industrial applications. In ancient times, the Incas used Pyrite as mirrors. The most important deposits of this mineral can be found in Italy, Peru and Spain. This stone is often used in jewelry because of its bright gold color and can also be found as inclusions in other minerals such as Lapis Lazuli.

In the world of metaphysics, Pyrite is a Solar Plexus (Third Chakra) stone. It carries a masculine energy and is a high-powered stone of manifestation, willpower, confidence and creativity. Known as the “abundance stone,” Pyrite helps its user and wearer to take action and create abundance in their life. If you’re stuck and need to move past a limiting financial belief, Pyrite is the stone for you!

Pyrite is also a stone used for creative expression because it helps you overcome your fears. Often creatives (especially artists) get hung up in the circle of perfectionism, and Pyrite helps you overcome this blockage and take massive action to make your dreams a reality. It can also encourage introverts (again, often artists) to become more confident. As it transmutes electromagnetic frequency energy, Pyrite is also a practical stone to keep around electronics such as computers, tablets and even televisions. Pyrite transmutes EMF radiation, cutting down on its negative effects on human beings, animals and other living things.

It is best used in a practical setting with a situation and specific intent in mind. This can include making your dreams come true, overcoming fear and encouraging self expression. Its sulfur content also aids in purifying infections. Pyrite also works well paired with Citrine for abundance and manifestation, as those stones together strengthen the willpower center of the Solar Plexus Chakra and help you gain mental clarity regarding whatever situation you find yourself in. In addition, Pyrite also pairs well with Hematite to be used as a grounding stone.

Due to its iron content, Pyrite is great for grounding, fighting the negative effects of too much exposure to EMF and helps create harmony within the auric field. It aids in persistence and ambition to complete ones goals and increases focus and clarity as you pursue your life’s purpose. Pyrite is an excellent stone to add to your crystal toolkit.

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